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Flesher-Glosson Debate on the Deity of Christ

The Flesher-Glosson Debate on the Deity of Christ.

A Jaundiced Eye or Careful Reflection

I recently received a Facebook message asking me if I had any family members who were Jehovah’s Witnesses. My feeling was that the question was asked to see if, in the past, there had been kernel influences that caused my strict monotheistic present perspectives to come to fruition. I had been consciously “Trinitarian” in some [...]

The Trinity: Truth or Tragedy #2

Second debate of Trinity: Truth or Tragedy between Dan Mages of Hunger Truth and Ed Enochs, one of the members of the Evangelical Debate Society.

The Trinity: Truth or Tragedy? #3

This is the third of a series of debates that began on December 30, 2005 and which continued through the following year both in May and June of 2006. The debates were between members of the newly formed Evangelical Debate Society and biblical unitarian members of the international community of believers. The first debate with the EDS were with Danny Dixon, Lee Greer, and Dan Mages in Riverside, CA at the First Congregational Church.