A Jaundiced Eye or Careful Reflection

I recently received a Facebook message asking me if I had any family members who were Jehovah’s Witnesses. My feeling was that the question was asked to see if, in the past, there had been kernel influences that caused my strict monotheistic present perspectives to come to fruition. I had been consciously “Trinitarian” in some sense of the idea from the earliest time that I directly engaged the question, which would have been in high school.

I remember sitting at my kitchen table at age 15 (with my mother’s permission who did not involve herself in the discussion) with Byrl Brockman of the local Church of Christ and Jim Frazell, an elder in the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in town (Fort Stockton, TX, 1974). Not long after that I secured a book by Roy H. Lanier, Sr. entitled The Timeless Trinity for the Ceaseless Centuries, which had just been published. I remember calling brother Lanier on the phone and asking him about the book that I had seen reviewed in The Firm Foundation magazine, if I am not mistaken (There were a number of other publications that I had access to where I could have seen the advertisement). He sent me a copy of the book, and I devoured its 429 pages at the time. The arguments in the book pretty well served me until I was introduced to Sir Anthony Buzzard’s book in 2001, which I didn’t actually begin reading in earnest for an entire year (and have never finished!). Anthony’s book was enough to spark a theological investigative journey that took two years of the most objective studying that my exegetical training at Abilene Christian University enabled me to do.

And I came out on the side counter to the Trinitarian view at age 44, at which point I began Disciples for One God. And many of you began to join the forum. We’ve lasted a while. And some of the sharpest thinkers about such things are members here. I know I will leave someone out but I will mention a few:

And there are others who have made keen insights here, who may or may not have published anything elsewhere.

I think about a statement by Alexander Pope, which may be considered as one reflects on how one comes to any views and perspectives:

All seems infected that th’ infected spy
As all seems yellow to the jaundiced eye.

May we all continue to search and evaluate and reevaluate what we’ve come to understand, as we may yet understand more or something different upon further responsible reflection.

By the way, I did ask my friend if in fact he had Trinitarian family members. Perhaps he believes what he believes because of them. Maybe that’s not true at all. However we may have come to believe anything, may everything we believe be held because we have thought it out as carefully as we might have.

Danny Andre’ Dixon

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